Hello SCNCA Racing & Cycling Community:

The SCNCA recently learned of the cancellation of the Masters State Road Championship event. The event was cancelled independently and without any advance notice to the board by the race director/promoter. The SCNCA “awards” the events to RD’s that express interest in promoting and holding the events, but beyond that the event is entirely the promoter’s responsibility. The cancellation was just as much a surprise to the board as it was to the riders, so we were not in a position to help prevent it.  It is important for us all to realize that Race Directors/Promoters are independent businesses typically making very little money for a lot of effort. If not for their love and passion for the sport, there would be far fewer races. We cannot expect a promoter to take a financial loss, and we all need to work together to keep our competitive sport alive and well.

To better serve all parties involved, the SCNCA will work with the race directors at the annual event planning meeting in hopes of finding a solution that better serves us all.  The SCNCA values everyone’s input on this issue and we welcome any suggestions to help keep local events alive and well. For more specific information on the cancellation of this event, please contact the Race Director, Steve Barnes with Anti-Gravity Cycling.

You can reach him at (909) 775 3630 or Antigravitycycling@gmail.com.

SCNCA Board of Directors