About the SCNCA and Local Associations

Beginning in 2003 in an effort to better serve its membership, USA Cycling (USAC) began cultivating relationships with established Local Associations (LA) and working with local groups to create new associations.  LA’s partnering with USAC have agreed to take over the functions that the former District Representative and current Regional Coordinators perform in their areas.

USAC recognizes that the LA is in the best position to know what works for their area and by supporting and reinvesting monies in those associations they hope to grow the sport at all levels. The program allows the local association to decide where to reinvest their financial allocation from USAC. They establish priorities to best meet the needs of their members.

The SCNCA has assumed the USCF District Representative’s (Jan Luke-Hamasaki) role for the SoCal/NV region.  The SCNCA supports over 3,300 licensed riders. The SCNCA is defined by Zip Code boundaries 89000-89299 in Nevada and all areas south of Monterey, King, Tulare, and Inyo counties in California. There are seven trustees in the SCNCA.

One of the benefits of establishing local associations is the funding that USAC will provide.  We will be funded annually at $10 per licensed USAC rider in our area.  Payments will be made quarterly.  It is up to the discretion of the SCNCA and its members as to how the money will be spent.  We are talking to USAC and other local associations so we can see how others are allocating their funding.  The good news is that we are the largest region so we will have one of the largest budgets.   Among areas that will receive funding will be the SoCal Cup, junior’s programs, women’s programs, officials, safety, and race promoter development.