Annual Race Calendar Scheduling

A scheduling meeting is held annually in either late October or early November.  The purpose is two-fold: to nominate new SCNCA trustees and to establish the next year’s USAC race calendar.  The meeting is open to anyone.  Each member club is allocated one vote for the election of the SCNCA trustees.

Here is a summary of the general rules that apply to the scheduling meeting:

  • Member clubs/promoters with “established” races, will be given preference on their race date.  Many of our races have a long history of being held on the same weekend.

  • There is a “120-mile” rule.  Promoters will need the approval of the SCNCA Trustees to schedule a race on the same day of an existing race that is closer than 120-miles.

  • Member clubs are encouraged to pool their resources to put on a combined event.

  • In the case of a scheduling conflict, the member clubs will be expected to resolve the issue.

How to Permit Your Event

Race permits can now be done on-line at You will fill out the same forms on-line that you have done manually in the past. You must be listed as a “Club Contact” to be able to submit an on-line application. Please be aware that you cannot advertise your race or accept registration until your flyer is approved. If you have any questions or you would like to e-mail or mail-in your permit application, please contact Jan Luke.  Each permit request must include the following information:

  • USAC Competitive Event Permit Application

  • USAC Competitive Event Check List

  • Medical Plan

  • Copy of the race flyer

  • Request for Certificate of Insurance and Additional Insured (Optional)

  • Total Permit Fee