2023 SCNCA Race Calendar Info

The 2023 SCNCA Event Calendar is currently being prepared.  There are several steps Race Directors need to take to get their events on the schedule:

  • Race directors should log into a special shared Google Calendar where they can enter or edit their events.  This is a SHARED calendar.  Under no circumstances should a race director make an edit / revision to another Race Director’s event(s).  If there are conflicts or questions, please email the SCNCA Board at: info@scnca.com.  The shared calendar can be accessed HERE .  If the link doesn’t work or give you access, we may need to modify your permissions (just email us at info@scnca.com and we’ll get it corrected).  You can also email us the race info and we’ll load it to the calendar for you.


  • There will be a special online (Zoom) meeting for Race Directors to discuss the 2023 SCNCA race calendar / schedule.  The meeting will be on Saturday, October 21st, 2022 at 1 pm (PDT).  The purpose of the meeting is to discuss the schedule, resolve possible conflicts, encourage hosting of the many SCNCA Championship events, and generally work together for the benefit of all SCNCA racers.  Log into the meeting as follows:

ZOOM meeting login ID:  266 489 7617

ZOOM meeting password:  scnca


  • Race directors will need to go through the normal process to set up their event(s).  After an event is permitted, please contact the SCNCA Board via email (info@scnca.com) with appropriate links and files (BikeReg, Event website, Race flyer, etc) so the event can be properly posted on the SCNCA website.


  • If there are any edits, revisions, cancelations, etc., please contact the SCNCA Board immediately so we can update the SCNCA website accordingly.